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Wednesday 6 July 2011

Caffenol-C-L and TMX 135

Have not done much 135 film since I started using film again. Used to large negatives and the lovely results this gives you, I thought I'd try to give the smaller format a fighting chance to prove itself against its bigger brother. For that I brought out low pH Caffenol, the C-L version championed by Reinhold over on the

As before, C-C-L mixed by the book:
16g/l Sodium carbonate
10g/l Ascorbic acid
40g/l Instant coffee
1.25g/l Potassium Bromide

5 minute tempered presoak. Semi stand @20C for 70 minutes. 12 inversions initially, 2 inversions at the 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 minute markers. Let stand for the duration.

Pictures taken from a test roll through the Royal 35-M, EI100 - no filter.

Drammen Docks, Norway, Royal 35-M, TMX, EI100, C-C-L

Drammen Docks, Norway, Royal 35-M, TMX, EI100, C-C-L

Near Drammen Docks, Norway, Royal 35-M, TMX, EI100, C-C-L
And the results? Quite pleased really. The grain certainly is quite fine, the tones are nice and subtle. Any deficiency in the quality of the pictures is most likely due to my rather puny scanner as much as anything else.


  1. Hello is the first time I comment on your blog although I am a faithful follower, this post is to talk to you about that too with decaf can be revealed, I bought a coffee pot classic Squire to a revealed and I did not realize that beneath classic put decaf, until I finish the boat and I told my son that if he could go and buy one, and also asks me if decaf, I had to have taken a picture when I said it because the face that was put a poem.
    The fact is that I have revealed several rolls of Neopan Acros in 120 some odd polypanes and Shanghai and the truth is that look good, yet neither positivism nor have I scanned the negatives but have good gradation. See if someone lends me a while I buy a scanner and see if they are really good. Because if they're good I think I'll go on, I've already taken the time and type of development for each film and now I dare not start with coffee coffee if I vary the times.
    I have no idea of ​​photographic chemistry, but it seems to me that the coffee is only for color ........

    A greeting decaffeinated

  2. Hi

    Old style Caffenol with only coffee and sodium carbonate would probably not work well with de-caff. However since more modern versions of Caffenol use vitamin-C (ascorbic acid) the coffee is most likely not the decisive factor anymore. Ascorbic acid and sodium carbonate react to form sodium ascorbate, which is indeed a developer in its own right, and present in many commercial developers.